Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How large of a party can your facility accommodate?

A. Our facility can easily hold parties of up to 500. Parking does become somewhat of an issue around 400, so carpooling is advised in the event that you plan on hosting that
large of a group.

Q. How many parking spaces does your facility have?

A. Heritage Park does not have lined parking spaces, but rather, a large parking area. When parking is done carefully, it can hold plenty of vehicles for most all our events. If
you have an event with over 300 people, you may want to consider hiring some parking attendants to help line vehicles out in the most efficient way possible. Suggesting guests Carpool is also another option.

Q. What is event insurance and why do we need it?

A. Event Insurance is required because it protects you and your family in the event that you, or one of your guests files a claim because of an accident. Examples range from an intoxicated guest crashing on the way home, to an unattended candle lighting the venue on fire. Almost all venues will ask that you obtain this prior to your event.

Q. How much coverage do I need?

A. We ask that you obtain $1,000,000 worth of coverage for your event.

Q. How much does event insurance cost?

A. Event insurance is usually around $100-$150, depending on the types of add-ons you’d like to include.

Q. Does Heritage Park require us to use a certain company for event insurance?

A. No, you may use any company you choose for your event insurance. We just need to see your certificate when your final rental payment is due.

Q. Do we need a liquor license if we plan to serve alcohol at our event?

A. Heritage Park requires a licensed and bonded bar tender to do all serving. 

Q. Does Heritage Park have preferred vendors?

A. No. We allow our guests to use any vendors they want. In the event that you need help finding a vendor, we can offer some vendor’s info which we have used or know of. We do not, however, guarantee the quality of the services they provide, as we have no
affiliation with any other vendors.

Q. How many people can the home sleep?

A. The home can sleep 19 people comfortably in beds (Provided that the double beds are all occupied by 2 people). You can also sleep additional people on the sofa’s and/or use blow-up beds for additional guests.

Q. What is the maximum amount of guests allowed to sleep in the house?

A. We prefer that no more than 25 people stay in the home. More guests than that will not fit comfortably and will not have bedding, towels, etc. 

Q. Is camping permitted in the event that extra guests want to stay over?

A. Yes, a small number of campers may stay over, so long as tents are only put in the designated camping area. There is an additional $20 fee per tent. Tents may only be put up in the designated camping area. RV’s may be parked in any parking areas, and are also $20 per camper.

Q. Is someone available to help facilitate the day of the event?

A. Yes. You may hire one of our Wedding Coordinators for $40 per hour the day of the event.

Q. Are there nearby hotels for additional guests?

A. Woodland, WA is the nearest town that offers hotels and B&B’s. Woodland is a small town, so the hotel choices are limited.

Q. Is the 9:30 a.m. check-out time firm, or can guests check out later?

A. We do book events for all days of the week, so if someone books Heritage Park for the day after your event, the 9:30 check out time is firm. We need to have adequate time to clean before the next party arrives at 11:00. If the day of your event comes, and no other parties have booked with us on the day of your check-out, then a later check out time can be arranged.

Q. Is there a ladder on the grounds for decorating use?

A. No. Because of liability issues, we do not provide a ladder for decorating use.

Q. What if it rains on the day of the Wedding/Event?

A. Our covered pavilion has clear sides that roll down and snap to the posts. This will keep out nearly all wind and rain, and when the heaters are lit, the pavilion stays very warm.

Q. How many people can sit at each table?

A. A rectangular table seats 8, or 10, depending on whether or not you use the ends. A round tabel comfortable seats 8.